Come celebrate God's grace with us! 


Discover all that He has done for you! He fully knows you and completely loves you - regardless of anything.


We are a missions-minded church that serves in love, we celebrate God's grace.


Learn more about us at

God Bless you! - P. Carl Gale and P. Jason Moore

203 North Market St 

Wilmington DE




302.650.0194 - P. Carl Gale

302.217.6605 - P. Jason Moore



Prayer Breakfast every month

Learn The Bible

January 9, 2020, Starts Bible Classes

Tuesday / Thursday Nights 6-8pm



Tuesday 6-8pm

Biblical Psychology (P. Schaller)

Pauline Epistles (P. Sanford)

Thursdays 6-8pm

Theology of Grace (P. Gail)

Discipleship (P. Moore)

Click to see Broadcast

LIVE RADIO Daily 1pm

Contact for prayer 
P. Carl / P. Jason

203 North Market St 19802

​TELE: 302.217.6605 / 302.650.0194

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